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Directly from YouTube, we bring you a new and fun video of one of the most prominent games of the moment among users who often play Nintendo Switch. It comes to b Super Mario 3D World + Bowser Fury.

After meeting a few days ago 10 small changes, So 10 othersAnd the 10 more s 10 others Regarding the Wii U version, it has now been shared 10 additional adjustments In this port from the Nintendo Switch. They are as follows:

  • 1. On the Wii U, Estela can rotate while holding something by pressing X while holding Y and vice versa, while she cannot switch on the Switch
  • 2. In some areas, the camera does not zoom in when you haven’t touched the controls for a while on the Switch, while on the Wii U it always zooms in.
  • 3. When switching, the zoom is not minimized when the Y button is pressed, while it is minimized on the Wii U
  • 4. In the multiplayer switching mode, you have to press L + R to insert a bubble, while on Wii U it was enough to press R or L.
  • 5. In Wii U, a Tanuki shape can make a long jump attacking its tail naturally, while in Switch you have to press Y and B at about the same time to achieve this.
  • 6. On the Wii U, there was an X in front of the coin and life counter, and it wasn’t on the Switch
  • 7. The touch screen icons do not display the switch screen at any time
  • 8. On Wii U, if you lose a level, you will lose all that you have achieved (stars, stamps …), and remain when switching
  • 9. The rain appears in more detail before the game’s final battle on the Switch
  • 10. Water runs a pipe from the game’s last level, invisible on Switch

And here you have the video:

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