List of compatible Galaxy smartphones in Mexico


In an unexpected, yet well-received move, Samsung Advertise What or what It will provide at least four years of security updates to Galaxy smartphones. The interesting thing is that this extension just doesn’t affect Pioneer But also for other band devices.

More life for flagship, mid-range and even tablets

Extent of security support Covers 43 of the major Samsung family of Galaxy devices, Is among her series Main, Mid-range and even tablets, all released from 2019 onwards the best thing is that the vast majority are available in Mexico:

  • Galaxy foldable smartphones: Folded upAnd the Z fold 2 5gAnd the The Z face, Z Flip 5G
  • Galaxy S smartphones: S10eAnd the S10And the S10 +, S10 5G, S10 LiteAnd the S20 5GAnd the S20 + 5GAnd the S20 Ultra 5GAnd the S20 FE 5GAnd the S21 5GAnd the S21 + 5GAnd the S21 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy Note smartphones: Note 10And the Note10 +Note 10+ 5G, Note20 5GAnd the Note20 Ultra 5G
  • Galaxy A smartphones: A10e, A20And the A 50And the A11And the A21And the A51, A51 5G, A71 5G
  • XCover smartphones: Xcover FieldPro, XCover Pro
  • Galaxy Tab: Tab Active ProActive3 tab Tab A8 (2019), Tab A con S-Pen, Tab A 8.4 (2020), Tab A7, S5e tabAnd the The S6 tab, Tab S6 5G, The S6 Lite tabAnd the Tab S7And the Tab S7 +

Out of the total number of Samsung devices in the official support extension list, 30 has an official distribution in Mexico (It is marked in italics in the text), so all users will be happy to know that they will receive four years of security updates promised by the company.

It is important to note that with this extension, security support for smartphones, Samsung beats Google for its own game, It offers more support than Pixels’ three-year support. In addition, it is a big jump compared to the two years of security patches that Samsung usually offers on its smartphones.

However, it is important to note that Samsung’s promise is spoken of “Regular security updates”, Without saying if exactly this will happen Updates Monthly or even quarterly. However, for devices with more modest features, such as those in the Galaxy A family, it is a step forward in terms of life extension and official support.

Finally, it represents that promise Another attempt by Samsung to provide a better experience for its smartphone users, With Three generations of Android updates s Galaxy S21 news for their other smartphones. Likewise, Google and Qualcomm are already working To carry out four years of popular updates in smartphones in the future, starting with Snapdragon 888.

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