Look up the word “Madagascar” in the alphabet soup; Achieve success in seconds – teach me about science

Look up the word “Madagascar” in the alphabet soup;  Achieve success in seconds – teach me about science

Increase your energy level and try to have the best time among all the participants, this is your moment to have fun and show that you are an expert in solving puzzles like today. Participate in this puzzle that requires you maximum effort and enthusiasm to achieve success, through this mystery challenge you will be able to thank your brain.

Remember that in word search puzzles the happy word can be spelled in any direction and even backwards, do not exclude any possible combination. The advantage of this type of traditional game is that there is no age limit, so people of all ages can participate.

Likewise, in this type of mental and visual games you learn to control your nerves and measure time, despite the fact that most of them establish a simple formula, it is not easy to find a solution, so the neurons and their connections put to work.

Search the word “Madagascar” in less than 7 seconds

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Do you know where the word is located in Alphabet soup?

Before answering this question, learn about some interesting things you might not have known about one of the most mysterious places in history.

Scandals about Madagascar

  • It is one of the major producers of rice.
  • They inhabit more than 100 species of lemurs.
  • They inhabit more than 3000 species of endemic butterflies, of which the kite butterfly or moon butterfly stands out.
  • They inhabit 58% of the world’s species and plants.
  • This place was named after the “Eighth Continent of the World”


picture: awesome guru

Puzzle lovers choose logical, mathematical and visual puzzles that help them improve their cognitive skills and at the same time allow them to distract themselves from everyday life for a moment.

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