Luke is the first fighter announced for Street Fighter 6 and is coming to SFV next week


When Capcom announced it look She will have a major role in the epic Street Fighter I was very serious: as well as an honor to be a brooch for the contents Street Fighter V Osaka Corporation confirmed It’s official He will be present in the next Street Fighter. being, in many respects, The transitional fighter between the two installments.

The young man, whose movements combine mixed martial arts and martial style, is the latest addition to the world warriors from Capcom. What’s more than Luke aa . arrives Street Fighter V The quality of the downloadable content (albeit not unlockable in game currency) has just been confirmed Next November 29 On PlayStation and PC.

Luke starred in the latest digital events dedicated to talking about news, improvements and content Street Fighter V. one shape It started a little over a year agoThat accompanied the fifth and final season of the game and kept the identity and appearance of its last fighter secret until relatively recently.

Exactly, he was in this Street Fighter V – Fall Update where Shuhei Matsumoto And Takayuki NakayamaProducer and Director Street Fighter V Straight, they said goodbye with a see you soon Noting that in 2022 we will have news of the epic and that Luke is already part of these plans. A new version referred to, for the time being, as The next Street Fighter project.

On the other hand, despite his presence Initial trippingAnd Street Fighter V is in good health Although launched in 2016: In addition to having activity and presence on the competitive scene, in May put himself Less than a million copies have been sold From Street Fighter II from SNES (Milestone) Being The second most successful game in the entire series and their transitions.

It is worth noting that all versions of Street Fighter V Today they have a discount on PlayStation and this, in addition, started PlayStation Trial Which includes all fighters from the first four seasons. Double incentive to resume classic battles with Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and Company.

Luke 2

Now, Nakayama admit That the game has its mountains and valleys and with a team Street Fighter, You will benefit from the experience gained and Response From fans to him Next Street Fighter Project Which, by the way, they will provide more information throughout the next year.

Street Fighter VI? Well, maybe Capcom is studying the name and logo formation. But Luke’s tollinas team begins in Street Fighter V Next week, for all practical purposes, it will be the best way to train for next round From epic combat that revolutionized the arcades.

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