Max Verstappen is one step away from winning a two-time Formula 1 championship and could do so at the Japanese Grand Prix. What does the Dutchman need in Suzuka?

Max Verstappen (Red Bull) was unable to tie the Formula 1 world championship twice at the Singapore Grand Prix, after signing on one of the season’s most mysterious races with seventh place at Marina Bay.

Sunday’s winner ended up being fellow Dutch-Mexican Sergio “Chico Perez”, followed by Monaco’s Charles Leclerc (Ferrari).

Verstappen’s next “match point” will be at Suzuka. Super Max has 341 points and a positive 104 point advantage over Leclerc (237), and 106 over Chico (235), his closest competitor.

What does Verstappen need to double seal the Great Circus championship in Japan? The groups are as follows

With quick turning point
1. If you win the race
2. If he is third and Leclerc is sixth or worse and Pérez is second or worse
3. If he is fifth and Leclerc is ninth or worse, and Perez is third or worse
4. If 6th place and Leclerc 10th or worse, Perez 3rd or worse

Without quick turning point
1. If he was second and Leclerc was fifth without fastest lap or worse and Perez was fourth or worse
2. If he is third and Leclerc is seventh or worse and Pérez is fifth or worse
3. If 4th and Leclerc 9th or worse, and Perez 3rd or worse
4. If he was fifth and Leclerc finished ninth without the fastest lap or worse and Perez was third or worse
5. If he is in sixth place and Leclerc does not score and Perez is in fourth or worse

If you don’t get results, The 25-year-old Dutchman still has chances of winning the title twice when the circuit moves to America, first in the United States, on October 23, and then in Mexico, on October 30.