Military training: applying these exercises to gain muscle


The Type of military training It is without a doubt one of its heaviest, as it is believed that due to the lifestyle these people follow, they are used to suffering from pain in all of their muscles, but that’s in turn. Gain strength and Physical condition.

While this is true, military training is short-term, it helps a lot in building lean muscle, while giving us definition and burning fat, so it’s important to include it in some of our daily training routine.

It should be noted that although many of the exercises that are included in military training may seem complex, they are actually a bit more intense than those that are performed on a daily basis, as one of the traits of these people is that they must also have them. Fit.

In turn, the Military training Collecting Features Weight training, crossfit and HIIT all, along with some mixed martial arts skills, so it’s a true training machine.

Military training to strengthen muscles

In both the gym and at home training, there are some exercises included in military training, which we can consider including in our routine, which we mention below.

Biceps rotating

This exercise greatly strengthens the biceps, while helping it gain volume, and the posterior deltoid and upper chest also act as synergistic muscles.

To do them, you must take dumbbells and lift them alternately with a fist from neutral to lying down, only when you raise your arm try not to separate from your body and not be balanced, because in addition to doing the exercise wrong, you can seriously injure yourself.

Inverted chin

The pull-up exercise is one of the most popular exercises for working your back, but with your palms facing you, it is a powerful exercise to train your arms and their strength.

A step up

This exercise is very similar to the exercise you would do when climbing a ladder, only this time you will need help from a bench or chair that is twice the height of a normal step (about 50 cm), and this will help. Lots of work on the quadriceps and buttocks.


Although it is one of the least exercises that everyone loves, it helps a lot to exercise different muscles, such as legs, chest, hips and even arms, as it is one of the most complete and occupied exercises by the army.
At the time of doing this, if you are looking to boost its effectiveness, you can start measuring the times it takes to do a full set and try to reduce these lapses gradually.

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