Optimize your mobile phone zoom: smart phone telephoto lens


There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to purchasing mobile phone lenses through which you can improve your smartphone’s photography department, but if you want Zoom inFocus on models that enlarge the image. For this reason, we have prepared a complete package where you will find the best options to consider.

The lens always performs better than the digital zoom

As we said, more and more phones are choosing to integrate a telephoto lens to obtain high-quality remote photos. But the vast majority of entry-level and mid-range models do not contain this element. for this reason There is nothing better than a telephoto lens to get better photos from a distance.

You might think to use Digital zoom for your phone It will be enough. Nothing is further from reality. What digital zoom does is enlarge the image through software processing. The result is a few distorted images that have little to do with reality. On the other hand, the telephoto lens provides a true optical zoom, so the results when taking pictures with this item will be noticeably better.

Can you use the telephoto lens with any phone?

Apexel lens kit

It is very natural to be concerned that your phone is not compatible with a particular lens group. First of all, manufacturers were responsible for creating a universal system that allowed this element to be attached to any terminal. The most popular is the Clamp mechanism Clips on your phone to increase the camera zoom.

On the other hand, you might also worry that if your phone has multiple cameras, you may need different lenses. Nothing is further from reality. All cell phones have a main sensor He is responsible for achieving the best results. Other sensors have very specific functions, such as capturing depth of scene or taking photos of very small subjects.

So, as long as you place the telephoto lens on the correct sensor, you shouldn’t face any problem. Additionally, all you have to do is open the camera app in your phone and place the lens on each of the camera sensors until you find the one appropriate.

Models to consider

Now that the advantages offered by the telephoto lens over the digital zoom are clear, in addition to the fact that you will not face a problem when attaching any of the lenses we have chosen, we leave you with our special list where you will find ten ideal models to get some remote shots on your mobile phone as never happened from Before.

APEXEL HD 20-40X lens


We start this compilation with a kit that allows you to shoot photos from a distance with the best quality. We are talking about a portable telescope that includes everything you need Get the best shots. And beware, as well as it comes with a tripod, it also includes a remote control for taking pictures. What can you ask next!

K&F phone lens

K&F phone lens

In second place we have this telescope from K&F. This particular model offers 12 x 50 magnification, which is more than enough for any user. Just add a tripod for a more functional combination.

Lenses for Selvim Phone

Objetivo Selfim

Third we have a complete package It includes different lenses so you can take pictures with your mobile phone As if you were a professional. The 22x telephoto lens will be ideal for capturing all kinds of scenes from a distance with great quality.

Apexel phone lens kit


Another excellent lens kit for your mobile phone that you can buy is this other premium kit from Apexel. Among the lenses stand out a 22X zoom lens for capturing high-altitude photos from a distance.

The goal of QinCoon phone

The goal of QinCoon phone

Be careful with this model from manufacturer QinCoon, since we are faced with a telephoto lens that allows high-quality images to be captured in scenes at 2,500 meters. Shoot whatever you want even if you’re not around!

GothicBride phone lens

objetivo GothicBride

What about this model from the manufacturer GothicBride. A mobile monocular telescope that provides great water resistance as it is IPX7 certified. The 12×50 zoom will meet the needs of the most demanding users.

Apexel phone lens

Apexel phone lens

Continue this compilation as you will find the best Telephoto lens with which you can take pictures from a distance with great results using your mobile phone, We cannot miss the opportunity to recommend this template from Apexel.

You have already seen several solutions from the manufacturer within our picks, but the reason is that the company boasts a catalog that exceeds your expectations. Submit this special form Zoom in 28X So you can click on your phone’s camera to get the best shots from a distance.

Patasen phone lens

Patasen phone lens

We went to the manufacturer Patasen to recommend its telephoto lens. 18-fold enlargement model with tripod for improved stability and more professional results.

Apexel phone lens

Apexel phone lens

Without a doubt, a mobile lens through which you will get some scandalous pictures from a distance. All thanks to the adjustable zoom of this Apexel 20-40X telephoto lens, which will let you enjoy nature like never before.

Aim for the phone

Aim for the phone

We close this grouping for Best lenses to improve your mobile phone’s magnification Which you can purchase with this HELLX signature form. A telephoto lens with tripod, waterproof and rubber coating to prevent a bad fall from damaging this accessory.

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