MLB The Show 21 is free on Xbox Game Pass and paid on PlayStation


PlayStation game on Xbox

Let’s start from the beginning. Which – which MLB Show 21 Coming to Xbox is no accident. When Sony acquired the rights to MLB (Major League Baseball), the agreement included a clause that required Sony to release the cross-platform game. This means that after three years, the game should reach other consoles, such as the Xbox. Knowing this, the news may be less shocking, but it has nuances that show how well Microsoft has played its cards.

This is exactly what was announced recently, news that should mainly capture attention to see PlayStation Studios stamp on Xbox, but that hides a great play.

How to make Xbox Game Pass more hero

MLB Show 21

“What PlayStation game is coming to Xbox? Let’s give it away on the Xbox Game Pass.” That’s what they had to think of Microsoft as they lifted the MLB The Show 21 launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. With the idea of ​​filming the biggest competitor To her, Microsoft decided to give the game through its popular subscription service to get more oomph.

Time to pay on PlayStation

MLB Show 21

The amazing thing is that PlayStation users won’t just have to pay 70 euros To play the PS5 or PS4 version, however, you will also have to pay an additional 15 euros to qualify for the version that allows you to play on PS4 and later on PS5, as there will be no direct backward compatibility as there is in other Sony games.

However, on Xbox, Intelligent delivery He will be responsible for downloading the appropriate version for each console, choosing Xbox One or Xbox Series S / S depending on the platform you are playing on, and without having to pay 1 euro more.

Therefore, MLB The Show 21 is Completely free on Xbox, While PlayStation players need to pay to even make the leap for the next generation. There’s no doubt Microsoft managed to score an amazing goal in this play, so we’ll see how Sony responds in the future, given that Xbox Game Pass is giving them more hate so far this year.

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