NASA is confident that Artemis will return humanity to the satellite in August

NASA is confident that Artemis will return humanity to the satellite in August

NASA revealed after years of delay Initial tentative take-off dates Artemis Mission 1, a journey on which the agency seeks to begin the operation Mankind’s return to the moon.

during conference callNASA announced that the launch of the rocket is currently underway space launch system (SLS) and the Orion spacecraft August 29although there are minor dates scheduled for September 2 and 5.

The agency clarified that this is the first launch window, so these dates are not final and Can be modified according to works and corrections that must be implemented in vehicles, after Complete wet test.

Three chances, different durations

Jim Free, Associate Administrator of NASA, commented that the dates Depend on suspended work and if weather is right, Each window allows a “long” task to be performed.

If launched on August 29the two-hour window will open at 7:33 a.m. Mexico time and has a 42-day flight, landing October 10.

if It will take off on September 2the two-hour window will also begin at 11:48 a.m., extending the mission for 39 days, re-entering on October 11.

If traveling until September 5thThe 90-minute window will only be from 4:12 p.m., for 42 days, with kick-off scheduled for October 17.

If it doesn’t take off, we’ll have to keep waiting

In addition to giving details about the dates, Free also noted that the actual date of the trip It will be confirmed about a week before the releaseWe will have to wait until mid-August for more information.

Artemis on the podium

If none of the windows are used, the rocket will have to return to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) To maintain the flight termination system (FTS), so the next opportunity (between September 19th and October 4th) will likely be overlooked.

This means it Next launch window It will be between 17 and 31 October, Because the FTS operates independently with its own (limited useful life) battery, you must ensure that it operates properly on every takeoff opportunity.

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