Never open this link or it will infect your mobile phone

Never open this link or it will infect your mobile phone

For a few weeks, the fraud tried to use The WhatsApp It has grown exponentially. Today we want to talk to you about a very serious matter that engulfs all the conversations WhatsApp groups. It’s a fake link from Amazon that promises to ditch a high-end mobile just for the sake of taking two surveys and filling in some data. Reality is completely different and it is a file WhatsApp scam Very dangerous Putting your data at risk And disturb all your contacts. Being educated in the field of Cyber Security is extremely important in this digital age. or harmful links on WhatsApp

This technique repeats every now and then and is very similar on all occasions: A user you trust sends you a link that you assume you can Win big prizes or checks. A regular user trusts the person who sent it (is in his WhatsApp contact list) and goes in to take the survey and follow the steps.

These pages Mimic very popular websites like AmazonOr Mercadona or Nike, which increases users’ confidence in them. The truth is that after completing all the data and granting it the powers it requires There are no prizes or checks in your favor.

The only thing you will do with this process is It puts your data at risk and gives you access to different sections of your device For people who shouldn’t have it. The most natural thing is that the first thing that happens is this link It is automatically shared with all WhatsApp contacts You have to, in order to increase the number of users with compromised data.

What comes next is possible Password theft After recording your device’s movements and impulses on the screen. Hackers behind Cheating He began to understand Where to click when opening the application Thus you know your passwords or your bank personal identification number.

You see, it comes down to something Very dangerous. Everything is based on trust, as the links are not found on the Internet, but are sent to you by people you know, often with messages encouraging you to log in or Make sure they actually get the award.

In the case of the screenshots we’re showing you in this article, it’s a Amazon-related scam And as a gift, an advanced mobile device. The dynamics are the same with other brands and links very similar to this one.

You already know, if someone sends you a WhatsApp message With a check out, gift of a check, or something similar, we recommend that you ignore it and warn you about it WhatsApp scam Which contains nothing but bad news for users.

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