This is how the Future City project on Mars proposes


Tubular units, High speed elevator systems The exposed “large buildings” in Rock wall They are part of the properties Nowa, a city on Mars that will be able to host between 200,000 and 250,000 people.

If you’ve ever thought about what life would be like to be in Red planetABIBOO, Architectural Bureau, developed a project, finalized in a call made by Mars Society In 2020.

he is A city on Mars It will be on the side of a slope to be built vertically. Choose a location and Building system Because of the conditions of this planet, whose gravity is one-third that of v Earth.

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Photo: Courtesy of ABIBOO Studio / SONet.

“This means that if we want to build Buildings As is the case on our planet, it tends to explode under pressure alongside the AL Solar radiation and gamma Forces to Building in areas open to the skyAlfredo Muñoz – founder of ABIBOO Studio – said in a statement.

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What will this city be like in March

The Draft The total includes five cities: In the world It will be the capital, and it will be located in Side of a large cliff With abundant access to water, at Tempe Minsa. over there A vertical city It will be inserted inside the rock.

In the world
Photo: Courtesy of ABIBOO Studio / SONet.

The Tubular shaped units 10 meters in diameter and 60 meters in length, With a capacity of two floors, it will be different Both residential and business use It will include green spaces and Spaces for art, As well as “snow areas” that help dissipate heat and purify the air.

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The city is on Mars
Photo: Courtesy of ABIBOO Studio / SONet.

these ‘Big buildings’ It will be united by one 3D tunnel network Additionally, there will be urban parks called Green domesTwo types: some will be Gardens Where people will be allowed and others will be allowed Experimental vegetation In a purely Martian atmosphere.

In the world
Photo: Courtesy of ABIBOO Studio / SONet.

To connect buildings from this A city on Mars a High speed elevator system And at the highest point of the cliff – plateau– The infrastructure will be created Food and energy production.

The city of Noa on Mars
Photo: Courtesy of ABIBOO Studio / SONet.

On the other hand, in the valley region, structures have been contemplated to house Hospitals, schools and universities; They also have it in mind Spaces for sports, cultural and commercial activities. The train will communicate with the space shuttle. Also, to be transported indoors In the world There will be a bus system and Light trains.

Although there is no estimated date yet for starting this project, it is the creators of this project A city on Mars They expect it to be completely sustainable. If you want to know more about this project, you can do so Here.

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