Suez Canal Ministry of Defense for Microsoft Flight Simulator


Modification of the Suez Canal

Once again, a community Microsoft Flight Simulator Surprise us again with an honestly unbelievable mod. And that one of them decided to repeat the catastrophic situation that we are living in these days in the Suez Canal, where one of the largest cargo ships in the world ran aground, which led to impeding the maritime traffic of the canal that connects the Mediterranean. With the Red Sea.

You can see the result in the following videos, where you can see how a large ship blocks the channel the same way it happens in reality. This digital recreation isn’t Microsoft’s business, but some community users have decided to create a patch that you can install and encourage yourself to fly over the area to see firsthand what’s going on.

Download Ever Given

Microsoft Flight Simulator mod ever

In recent hours, several modifications have appeared that allow the famous ship to be placed in the Microsoft Flight Simulator mapping. Currently there are many downloads, although some are more complete than others, such as user creation FlyBoyRez1Who decided, in addition to adding the famous ship, the well-known digger that can be seen in more than one common meme.

The model also includes the many locomotives surrounding the ship, stagnant traffic in the north and south of the canal, in addition to the traffic accumulating in the Gulf of Suez.

Magic of homemade creations

PS5 flight simulator

This isn’t the first time we’ve hallucinated a Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator. We’ve previously seen some creations like star ships inspired by the Star Wars universe, not to mention the re-creation of new next-generation consoles in the form of skyscrapers, where we can see the PS5 sports chassis in beautiful skies. And there’s also official news, since Microsoft itself is releasing graphical updates to more accurately represent monuments and buildings from around the world.

So far, the game has released from Asobo Studios (the studio behind the game’s development), three major updates related to global representation, each update covering the following locations: Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. The results, as you can see below, remove the hiccups. Surely someone with a fear of heights would sacrifice for these wonderful views.

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