New Android malware can read your WhatsApp messages


new Android malware It can steal all your information and leave you Vulnerable to spying on a large scale. Well-established security experts Zimbrium Detect a malicious application Pretending to be a system update To infect your mobile device.

The app is called System Update and works like a Remote Access (RAT) Trojan. Grant control of your smartphone to a third party. Although this app is not found on Google Play, thousands (or millions) of users who download apps from external stores may be infected.

Once installed, System Update will be able to access your files, Text messaging and WhatsAppCall log and more. Perhaps the most dangerous thing is that malware can record audio. Take pictures with the front camera And backlight, in addition to monitoring your location through GPS.

The app connects to the attacker’s Firebase server, and gives it remote control. All the Data extracted from the mobile phoneIncluding photos you may take periodically, It is sent to the server. All information collected by this application will be hosted in a folder on your mobile phone before it is transferred.

The malware masquerades as an Android update

Imagine (c) zimbrium

Malware remains alert at all times and Once you make a call, a command to record the conversation will be activated To be sent at a later time encrypted to the attacker. For Capture WhatsApp messages, The app will offend the mobile access services by recording the content displayed on the screen.

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