A new rumor confirms that the “Pro” switch will be released this year


In practice the fact that Nintendo It is already working on an improved version of Converts, And a new rumor confirms that it will be launched this year. Likewise, it appears that this new model will also make existing games run more fluidly.

Nattedrick, a favour From the inside That previously leaked a lot of information about the NintendoRevealed that Great n Thinking about announcing this new one Converts Early this year, and it will be launched in late 2021. However, there is a very good chance that it will be pushed back until 2022.

According to NattedrickAnd the And as we have already been informedThis is new Converts It will feature an enhanced NVIDIA processor that allows the company’s proprietary DLSS technology. As a result, some of the current games will see improvements in the resolution and frame rate department.


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