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We get a fairly notable rumor regarding Nintendo 3DS Wii U. Apparently, consoles could stop receiving games in less than a year.

The information comes from Impact Game Station, who states that, through an email received, they learned that Nintendo plans to end accepting submissions of new games to eShops for these two consoles. As of April 1, 2022, it will not be possible to send further applications.

In fact, the purported email encourages interested developers to rush in to submit their games before that time. This is it Shared information in the mail:

We would like to inform you that it has been decided to suspend acceptance of submissions for new Nintendo 3DS/Wii U titles for the eShop launch before the end of the current fiscal year (effective April 1, 2022). These new titles must be approved no later than 3 months after the application deadline.

  • Nintendo 3DS / Wii U eShops will remain active and patch requests will continue to be processed until further notice.
  • Keep these deadlines in mind when planning the upcoming digital Nintendo 3DS and Wii U releases.

Thank you very much for your continued understanding and support for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U over the past few years.

Best Regards,

Nintendo Europe.

So far in 2021, the Nintendo 3DS has received only 7 games, while the Wii U has received only one. For this reason, it would not be surprising if the information was correct. However, we will be attentive in case this happens nintendo The matter will be officially announced after the publication of this report.

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