Nintendo laughs at a Zelda flaw: Skyward Sword that it patched for its Switch version – Nintenderos


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Will arrive in a few days to Nintendo SwitchSo that younger players can enjoy the original Wii adventure.

Well, in addition to improving aspects such as accuracy or overall performance, they have also resolved some of them silly failures that featured the game. One of them is that Each time an object is captured, an information box describing it will appear, so it was boring to repeatedly see how this infobox constantly boycotted the game.

Well, knowing that, Nintendo has posted a tweet referring to this bug by commenting on the following:

This is because, as they confirm in the tweet, it is something they have solved and that we will only get this information from the object When you receive it for the first time. At least they take it with humor.

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