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We continue to receive exciting content for fans who are really looking forward to this release. recently posted to gather Of the patents that appear to be related to complement mechanisms.

The list you have below includes key points for analyzing a series of official Nintendo patents where mechanics are identified in trailers. Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. They are as follows:

Diving in the floating islands

In this first patent (2020370175) We can observe the conditions necessary for the protagonist Link to dive from somewhere on Earth to the surface of the floating islands scattered across the sky of Hyrule. Note that there is no set starting point and the island can be accessed from the bottom up anywhere as long as the terrain angle is close to something flat (even diagonal), not a preprogrammed point.

The ability to pause and turn the time

patent (2020370178) above shows the mechanism that allows the hero to “return” in time for a brief moment to perform joint moves with the Sheikha Stone on certain objects – either to solve puzzles or even to set up ambushes and defeat enemies. With this ability, the object returns from the end point to the starting point while emptying the “meter”.

Free fall and air combat

Finally, the previous patent (2020370179) brings another interesting novelty to the game, which is the ability to perform free fall using Link while performing movements in the air. According to this patent, the character can rotate in different directions, even with his back to the ground, and even use a bow in those different directions so that more actions can be performed during virtual air combat. This air dive is direct inspiration from skydivers who use maneuvers to control their landing speed after jumping out of planes.

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