Note: The agreements will protect Salvadorans in the USL.


USL football players have made big profits to protect their career

Many Salvadorans play in USL The United States Second Division Football Championship on the North American circuit.

They play in the said league, to name a few, El Salvador Jeremy Garay, Alexon Saravia, Christian Sorto, Ronald Ceritos Jr., Andres Flores, Joshua Perez and several others.

Selecta team poll, Hugo Alvarado, said there is good news for players in that league.

“This Wednesday, a five-year agreement was reached between the Players’ Association (FA) and the League (USL Championship) that will ensure better salaries, better housing and a better quality of life for the footballer.”

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“They will have a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) just like MLS. And this protects the players,” Alvarado declared.

What is CBA? According to the MLS, this agreement is divided into two main clauses:

1- Players 24 years of age or older who have at least four years of MLS service at the end of their contracts will be eligible to become Free Agents within MLS. This gives players opportunities to negotiate and transfer to different MLS clubs.

2- Players will receive 100% of their compensation in 2021 including salaries and bonuses.

Without a doubt, it is about the great benefits of respecting professional soccer players in the United States Second Division, who will receive the same benefits as those who play in the MLS. Good news for our citizens.

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