OnePlus and the possibility of him leaving Mexico, this is what we know

OnePlus and the possibility of him leaving Mexico, this is what we know

one plus Less than two years after arriving in Mexico There are already rumors of him leaving the country. The information comes from technology specialist, Javier Matuk, who via his Twitter account He said The company will terminate its operations for reasons that remain unspecified.

He added that it was also unclear what would happen to the company’s equipment, which is still for sale in Mexico.

OnePlus has not released an official statement on the matter. however, Xataka Mexico he has a favour From a former Oneplus employee posting that the company made “big reductionIt is not clear at the moment whether the cut means an imminent departure from the state by the company, or whether it is a restructuring process.

The fact is that two years after its arrival in Mexico, OnePlus has not been able to establish itself as one of the brands with the most smartphones in the total equipment pool in Mexico, by numbers From CIU. The brand will be after the ninth place, with less than 1.4% of all smartphones in Mexico.

In sales alone, OnePlus will be lower than brands such as ZTE, Alcatel and even LG, although the brand no longer has an active smartphone division.

Smartphone sales in Mexico for the second quarter of 2022, according to the CIU.

LG announced last April The mobile division closed globally, as it ceased manufacturing and selling smartphones.

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