Only with these phones you can make satellite calls

Only with these phones you can make satellite calls

After a long period of speculation about it, satellite calls have arrived on the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Although the news is not good, it does so with a new service for emergency callsIt is not designed for everyday use but for very specific and urgent occasions.

it’s about emergency sosthe new emergency space service that allows you to create a file Direct connection between iPhone and satellite It revolves around the Earth continuously.

Although there are certain limits, because for communication without an antenna, it is necessary to be under the open sky or with a direct line with the satellite to have the best conditions for communication with it. Emergency SOS app scans, tells you where the satellite is and what to do Connect with him.

In addition, it facilitates emergency situations with a large number of functions that will help you notify, even if you are injured and cannot write. The message you send in an emergency will take between 15 seconds and a minute to arrive.

Although sending a message and notifying certain emergency services that it is necessary to contact them, the company has a call center that does this Automated calls to carry messages Warning.

Apple did this RF components and software It was developed by them to enable satellite functionality, although this is the only practical use it offers at the moment and with some limitations.

For now, though, the new iPhones are Only mobile phones that have satellite calls functionIt will initially arrive in the United States and Canada, although it will not take long to reach other countries such as Spain. Likewise, they are expected to improve it and other brands to join the adventure.

Huawei and Android already exist

Although you may have heard it Huawei Mate 50 It will offer satellite communication and it is not only for emergencies, the fact that it will be possible Sending messages and using navigation services Thanks to the Beidou satellite, but not making calls. In addition, outside the Chinese borders and with what this technology refers to, it will become expensive and not easily accessible.

Android 14

Recently, Google announced that it is working on Advance satellite communications On devices running your operating system, most likely Android 14although there is no specific information on what they will actually offer at that time.

For now, we have to wait for the technology to advance and for companies to continue working to provide us with more accessible and accessible satellite communications.

Other Less Popular Cell Phones

We have said before that there are other phones and Cell phones that allow satellite communicationalthough it can be used for other purposes such as mountain excursions And they do not have the advantages of smart phones.

For this reason, it is worth noting that flagship mobile phones, while they will not be your favorite if what you are looking for is a smartphone for your day, can be an option if you have other intentions and do not mind buying it and paying a monthly or annual fee or for The call, which isn’t exactly cheap.

Inmarsat satellite phone

Main Mobile satellite models Which are used for this purpose are Iridium 9555, Iridium 9575, BlueCosmo Iridium Extreme, BlueCosmo Iridium WiFi and Iridium GO! and Inmarsat IsatPhone 2, Thuraya X5 Touch, Thuraya XT-LITE, Garmin inReach Explorer.

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