Oscar Valdez warns Canelo Alvarez over his fight with Bevol: ‘It’s dangerous’

Oscar Valdez and Canelo Alvarez (Image: Instagram / @oscarvaldez56)

Saul cinnamon Alvarez It is a month to return to the ring to face Dmitriy Bevol In search of a belt WBA (World Boxing Association). This will be the first challenge he will face after unification in 168 pounds In November 2021 against Caleb Plant.

For this reason, expectations have been created about the Mexican competition and the level he can show above the ring. Despite the hard preparation he does cinnamon next to Eddie Rinosoabout Oscar ValdezThere is still some danger to the guy from Guadalajara and he has some concern about what might happen next Saturday, May 7.

for a member Caneloo team The competition aroused a certain amount of distrust, as it was considered that it might be “risky” to be promoted to the Light Heavyweight category given that Saul will arrive with some flaws Regarding Bevol’s experience.

Oscar Valdez fears what might happen in Canelo vs Bevol (Photo: Screenshot/DAZN Boxing)
Oscar Valdez fears what might happen in Canelo vs Bevol (Photo: Screenshot/DAZN Boxing)

In a video conference, the World Boxing Council (WBC) superweight champion admitted his concerns about cinnamon vs bevol He sent a warning to his training partner that the difference in weight and height could be a factor working against Alvarez.

Valdez balanced Saúl lvarez’s standing with the Russian boxer and although he recognized his fighting technique to the best pound for pound, he still had concerns and He called it “a tough battle.”. Another point he analyzed was Bevol’s punch. Oscar stated that the strength and impact of the blows would also make a difference.

Finally he mentioned that the weight Which competitors arrive at will also be relevant Well, in combination with other factors, a well-connected shot will make the difference.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Dimitri Bevol, official May 7 (Image: Twitter / @Canelo)
Canelo Alvarez vs. Dimitri Bevol, official May 7 (Image: Twitter / @Canelo)

“It’s a very tough fight from my point of view. Simply because of Bevol’s height, weight and punch; I think he’s a very dangerous fighter, cinnamon He will have all the technology in the world but the difference in weight is huge.”

even though Saúl lvarez has already fought back at 175 poundsabout Oscar Valdez The experience of the current WBA champion would limit cinnamon, so Saúl’s performance could be different compared to his previous appearances in light weights. Therefore, member Caneloo team Dare to express his concerns:

A fight makes me a little nervous.

On the other hand, the super featherweight champion told some details of how Saúl Álvarez trained at Eddy Reynoso Gym. He described them as arduous sessions that cinnamonHe looks very strong now.”

Oscar Valdez trains with Canelo Alvarez (Image: Instagram / @oscarvaldez56)
Oscar Valdez trains with Canelo Alvarez (Image: Instagram / @oscarvaldez56)

According to Edison’s student Omar, sparring sessions in which cinnamon Alvarez takes the lead, they are so powerful that few can keep up. “I see In one sparring session he has four opponents. He does two rounds with one, and four rounds another and he does this because they can’t keep up with Canelo, and they can’t keep up with his punches.

In conclusion, he acknowledged the respect he had for Sal Alvarez and the work he does every day as a professional boxer. ” When I see it at the gym, it gives me a little peace of mind.Oscar Valdez’s words were.

The competition between Saúl lvarez and Dmitry Bivol will take place on Saturday 7 May in T-Mobile Arena From Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

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