Overwatch: The new Mei leather sparks controversy on social networks


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Since even before it was launched in 2016, Note and observe It has been the subject of criticism and controversy. Now, a new discussion has arisen in social networks and the hero is Mei’s latest appearance that has made his debut in the popular multiplayer game Blizzard.

On April 28, Blizzard revealed and released MM-Mei’s skin, which Mei wears in a mixed martial arts-inspired costume. In this way, the Chinese heroine can be seen wearing gloves, a boxing robe and a champion belt. However, braids, which are one of the most defining elements of the new legendary look, have been the subject of criticism on social networks.

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According to some guys, the braids Mei uses are another example of cultural appropriation. This is due to the fact that this type of hairstyle is generally associated with the African-American community.

In the original post, we can read reviews from people asking Blizzard to remove skin from the game, while others are just asking to change their hairstyle. On the other hand, a section of society is defending the new look and asserting that Zhang Weili, the famous Chinese mixed martial arts fighter, wears braids while fighting.

How do you get the new look of Mae in the watch?

Despite the controversy, it appears the skin will remain in the game. Hence, players interested in acquiring it will be able to do so by investing 200 tokens, which is the currency obtained when watching the Overwatch League matches.

It should be noted that the aspect will only be available until May 11 next, and it is assumed that after that date it can no longer be obtained in any way.

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But tell us what you think about this controversy? Do you think it is justified? Let us read for you in the comments.

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