Pantillion and 3 Bass Bundle American version of a Spanish-language movie starring Veronica Castro

Pantillion and 3 Bass Bundle American version of a Spanish-language movie starring Veronica Castro

Can you imagine being young again? That’s the slogan for the new film produced by Eugenio Derbez, 3Pas Studios and Pantelion Films produced by Ben Odell, which has brought famous Mexican telenovela star Verónica Castro back to the big screen in a leading role in Kwando Si Guven (When I’m Young).

This will be Castro’s first film to be shown in the United States. The drama in Spanish will have English subtitles.

in Kwando Si Guffin, Castro plays Malina, an elderly gray-haired widow in her 70s who runs away from home when she discovers that her children are planning to send her to a nursing home.

As you wander the streets of Mexico City, reflecting on your life, you enter a studio where the photographer asks you to think of your happiest memories and capture the moment. Well, magically, that turns his back on his 22-year-old self and gives him a second chance to live a version of the life he dreamed of and died.

Now, disguised as “Maria” performed by Natasha Duberon (Miss 89To hide her true identity, she became the lead singer of her grandson’s band, trying to fulfill her dream of singing, which she had to give up. While living in this new phase, he also encourages his grandson not to give up on his dreams.

The film brings together Castro and Dupeyrón, who worked together to produce the Netflix original series House of Flowers (House of Flowers)A black comedy/telenovela parody written by Mexican writer and director Manolo Caro.

Other cast members include Michael Ronda (Z control.), Eduardo Santamaria (I’m looking for Frida), Pedro Luis (Z control.And Alejandra BarrosI’m looking for Frida) with a special performance by Edgar Vivar (Chespirito, El Chavo del 8 ) and a special publication by Maribel Fernandez (love with trumpand Manuel “Flaco” Ibanez (Until the money separates us).

Kwando Si Guffin, Works directed by “Raul Martinez” (facilitatorWritten by Juan Carlos Garzon and Angelica Godinho, it is adapted from the Korean film Miss Grandma Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, Netflix International Creator squid game. The Spanish version was also produced in association with LimeLight Productions, CJ ENM and The Lift.

The film will be shown on September 23 in more than 300 theaters in the United States, after its September 15 premiere in Mexico.

Distributed by Pantelion Films Kwando Si GuvenPreviously released Derby’s international song Instructions do not existWhich became the highest-grossing Spanish-language film of all time in the US

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