picture. Enrico Dueñas overshadowed Pulisic in one of the photos

picture.  Enrico Dueñas overshadowed Pulisic in one of the photos

Image via Selecta vs. United State. North America is not in the focus of the El Salvadoran who shared the photo

Salvadoran Enrico Duenas Hernandez has already played against American Christian Pulisic. He did so in the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers.

In those duels, the legion He was on the pitch just like North America. However, Enrico didn’t seem to care about the fact that one of the best players on the US team was on the field.

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In the photo that Duenas, a player from the Cartagena de España youth academy, shared on his networks, this can be seen. The person from Selecta carried up a souvenir postcard from that game on American soil to his story.

But in it, the focus of attention is on the patriotic. Enrico is in the center of the shot, standing indifferent, and even turning his back on Pulisic, who is not looking at him.

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The star of Team USA and Chelsea’s Premier League player appears out of focus, and only the number 10 is allowed to show off. And the captain of the “stars and stripes” seemed to have fallen from the table, as only the Salvadoran was interested.

The image has become relevant due to that very fact that the cuscatleco is more important than its competitor. The postcard was shared by the legionnaires without a word, but he’s proud to play for El Salvador.

This is the story of Dionysus. what about?

This is the postcard that El Salvadoran Enrico Dueñas uploaded to IG. Photo: illustrative, non-commercial photo/https://instagram.com/enricoduenashernandez44? igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ==

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