PlayStation Plus users are asking for a major change to the service


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PlayStation Plus, the paid service from PlayStation, usually has a lot to talk about. After all, it’s an important part of Sony’s gaming system; However, many believe that it can offer more for its costs. This was made clear by users who raised their voices to demand an important change.

What happens is that r / PlayStationPlus users subreddit They recently met to discuss the state of the service. In the conversation, it can be seen that the subscribers are not happy at all The lineup of games they received in August, made by Hunter Arena: LegendsAnd tennis world tour 2 And Plants vs Zombies: Neighborville Battle.

Many users highlighted this playstation now, The subscription service that gives you access to the game library, has better games lately. For example, only in August opened the doors to titles such as Yoke: automaticAnd Undertale And GustrnerAnd titles that won the press and players.

In case you missed it: PlayStation Plus users are asking for a major change to the service

Specifically in view of the above, users believe that it is time for Sony to focus efforts and offer PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now content on the same service. With this, only those with PlayStation Now will be able to enjoy all their games online, while those in Plus will have access to a larger library of games.

“PlayStation Plus this month and the block has been sacrificed for PlayStation Now. One reddit user said Sony should consider combining the two options.” Remember when you thought PS Now was worse than PS Plus? These are crazy times we live in.”

Now, it must be kept in mind that the integration of services will definitely bring with it a larger share. After all, Sony is a company whose mission is to make money and you have to be very careful about that. With this in mind, simply having the option of contracting both services together may be inconvenient for many.

And you, what do you think of that? Do you think Sony should make changes to PlayStation Plus or integrate it with Now? Tell us in the comments.

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