Priest meditating on hell and exoplanet 55 Cancri e

Priest meditating on hell and exoplanet 55 Cancri e

NASA has reported the investigations that it will conduct in the coming weeks, using the James Webb Space Telescope, of two planets outside the solar system classified as “super-Earths”, one of which bears the name 55 Cancri E which maintain very high temperatures that keep their material in a lava state.

A note from NASA on May 27 It states that due to its proximity to its sun-like star, the exoplanet, located 41 million light-years from Earth, has “surface temperatures well above the melting point of typical rock-forming minerals.”

Therefore, “it is believed that The day side of the planet is covered with oceans of lavaWith these characteristics, some considered this planet as a hell in which souls are forever cursed.

Because of the “infernal heat” of 55 Cancri e, one of the scientists’ hypotheses is that “the surface will heat up, melt, and even evaporate during the day, forming an extremely thin atmosphere.”

“At night, the steam cools and condenses to form droplets of lava that will rain back to the surface, solidifying again at nightfall,” NADA specifies.

NASA also reported that “although there is no such thing in our solar system, planets like this one, rocky, about the size of the Earth, Very hot and close to their stars, is not uncommon in the Milky Way. “

extrasolar planet 55 Cancri E Is this hell

Father Mario Arroyo, Doctor of Philosophy from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, said, “It seems that scientists have discovered the place of hell, the planet 55 Cancri, because it is so close to its star that it resembles lava. .

A professor at Pan American University in Mexico City told ACI Prensa that “alsoThis is clearly a metaphor.For Hell is not a place but a state, a state of eternal and definitive deprivation of God.”

“This planet 55 Cancri, though in such extremes of heat and temperature, is not deprived of God’s presence, God is also there.

While that Hell is characterized by the absence of God“.

Then Father Arroyo explained the differences between physical fire and spiritual hell fire.

“According to the special discoveries we have, in Hell also, like the planet 55 Cancri, there is fire and a very high temperature, but It’s a special fire, it’s a spiritual fire“.

The Mexican priest specified that the material on an exoplanet “is a matter, but with proper physical fire, not a spiritual fire like that described by the spirits who witnessed Hell: The fire that burns souls without devouring them“.

Because of the above, the priest told ACI Prensa, “We can conclude that planet 55 Cancri e is not hell, but it reminds us that Hell is the place of the final deprivation of God, with spiritual fire It burns souls and we hope to be free of them forever“.

In conclusion, Father Arroyo emphasized that “it never hurts to remember that doctrine of Hell It is not abolished, it is not removed, and it is part of the truths that the Catholic faith teaches“.

This note was contributed by David Ramos, Editor in Chief ACI Prensa

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