Volvo will use an unreal engine for its electric cars

Volvo will use an unreal engine for its electric cars

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Volvo just announced a deal with Epic. The goal is not to integrate Fortnite into their cars, but to design the graphical interface with which drivers will interact in future electric cars from the Swedish manufacturer.

As mentioned the edgeAnd theA specific deal sees Epic using its powerful Unreal Engine platform to create an environment in which Volvo programmers can create vehicle software slates. “This technology will allow us to create high-quality graphics to work with at different levels of information or create realistic representations if necessary,” explains Thomas Stovicek, Head of Product Experience at Volvo.

The goal of all this is what has always distinguished Volvo: safety. The idea is for Epic to create a platform that will allow all the information that comes from the vehicle’s external sensors to be displayed in a realistic and easy-to-understand manner without causing the driver to overload the information.

In fact, this isn’t Epic’s first collaboration with car manufacturers. The software developer with GMC is now working on exactly the same thing: providing graphic menus for the upcoming Hummer electric truck. At the moment, neither Volvo nor Epic has given a specific date for when we’ll see this program on the road, but the automaker has stepped on the gas pedal when it comes to electric vehicles and plans to sell 600,000 by 2026.

In addition, Volvo is working on its own car operating system, which will be called VolvoCars OS. The hardware platform to integrate this operating system will be developed by Nvidia.

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