Repeated button with curious explanation

Repeated button with curious explanation

A new shortcut to the wild camera has appeared on WhatsApp…but maybe it’s a bug!

a few days ago The WhatsApp Give us the latest novelty together Surveys designed to measure the satisfaction of your user baseEven though we know him almost daily New improvements and details brought by the developers of Meta The test is for special editions beta of service.

The latter is a strange fad with Slightly repetitive buttonwhich is that like companions WaBetaInfoIt looks like it was activated by mistake or not, A new shortcut for the camera function is placed right next to the search button On the home screen of WhatsApp for Android.

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WhatsApp continues to implement new features, although some are a bit repetitive like this one.

The fact is that the version already exists beta with Building Code There was talk of this new camera shortcut Only available to those users who have the ability to create communitiesFor those users, the Camera tab will be automatically replaced by the Communities tab.

The problem is that it has now appeared in new buildings beta For users who don’t have the community creation feature enabledwhich is undoubtedly It seems wrong by developers.

This is what the new button for direct camera access looks like in WhatsApp:

Recurring shortcut for cameras in WhatsApp

This is how the new shortcut to the camera appears in WhatsApp for Android.

You will also see the new shortcut next to the search button It allows direct access to the built-in camera functions of WhatsApp, but this access is simply Frequently for all users whose camera tab has not been replaced for the sake of communities.

Perhaps for this reason, WaBetaInfo is already guessing that it may have been enabled for everyone by mistake, and that Surely in a new bugfix update it will be fixed over the next few days.

Curious at least, so we had to show it to you… Has that new little button popped up for any of you?

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