WhatsApp | Guide so they don’t see your WhatsApp Web chats even if you leave your computer turned on | technology | accessories | Web Plus | nda | nnni | sports game

WhatsApp |  Guide so they don’t see your WhatsApp Web chats even if you leave your computer turned on |  technology |  accessories |  Web Plus |  nda |  nnni |  sports game

When you leave your computer or laptop turned on, anyone can enter Google Chrome and see all your conversations. However, although the above-mentioned platform does not yet have a native function to prevent your messages from being spied on, with the help of an extension no one will be able to see the content of your conversations, because the application will first ask you for the password.

This is how you can leave your computer or laptop accessible to everyone so that you do not waste time opening it or closing all Google Chrome pages, because you will not be afraid that your friends, family or co-workers will check without your permission the personal chats of your account .

Before we start, we will explain what an extension is, it is basically small programs for web browsers that perform certain specific functions to improve the user experience. One of these isWeb Plus‘, which will provide additional options for the web version of WhatsApp. To download it in Google Chrome, click .

Steps so that no one sees your WhatsAPP WEB chats until you leave your computer turned on

  • After installing the extension, click on the puzzle piece (extensions) icon, located in the upper right corner of Google Chrome, to be exact next to your Gmail profile picture.
  • Now, all the extensions you have downloaded will be displayed in Chrome. Find the person who saysWA Web Plus for WhatsAppand tap the three vertical dots on the right side.
  • The next step is to click “Set”.
  • As you can see, the green cross circled icon will be enabled in the upper right corner, this is the “WA Web Plus” shortcut.
  • Sign in to WhatsApp Web Normally and scan the QR code to link your account.
  • In this part you will touch the “WA Web Plus” icon.
  • A long list of options will appear automatically, just select the option that says ‘Enable lock screen’ > and tap on ‘Set password’.
  • We suggest that you type in the password that you will create.
  • After creating your password, the lock code will be enabled on the main interface of WhatsApp Webnext to the “Communities” or “Countries” tab, click on it and your account will be locked and it will not be necessary to lock your computer or laptop.
  • Finally, to unlock your account, add the password.

Steps to send audio files with LUISITO COMUNICA بصوت

  • From your cell phone, PC, laptop or tablet, open the browser of your choice, it can be Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • In the address bar type And press Search to access the page (you do not need to register).
  • Some fields will appear that you must fill in, choose the language (Spanish) and the voice of the character, in this case the language of “Luisito Comunica”
  • Further, in the text box type whatever you want to convert into audio with the “Luisito” sound.
  • Then click on Talk.
  • Wait for Fakeyou to finish the conversion process.
  • Finally, play your voice memo, if you wish, download and share it with your contacts on The WhatsApp.

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