Rivera arrives in La Llajta in the first week of April – sport


Salvadoran striker Eric Rivera announced that he will arrive in Cochabamba in the first week of April to determine his continuity at the club, and if he continues, he will search for space in the starting line-up.

The striker, who was part of several small rounds of work in selecting El Salvador, constitutes an “important piece” of the entity. Additionally, he has a current contract with Celeste until December 2021, according to Mirko Cornejo, Aurora’s leader.

Rivera is one of Cochabamba’s goal cards and “matches” the entity’s plans to win an international award for 2022 and be a champion in the local tournament.

According to the Aurora list registered with the Bolivian Football Association, Rivera, along with the five Argentines working under coach Umberto Viviani, are being considered to complete the foreigners quota allowed under the governing body’s regulations.

The foreigners who work for the People Team are: Manuel Morello, Elias Alderet, Oscar Sarmiento, German Montoya and Alexis Ramos.

El Salvador left the Lagta stadium and returned to his country in the last week of December 2020, before the end of the opening tournament, due to injury, because he is determined to recover in his homeland.

In the early months of this year, Rivera was called up to train his team’s scooters for the CONCACAF qualifying matches, an aspect that prevented him from being part of the season’s pre-season with Celeste.

However, weeks passed and his arrival in Cochabamba did not have a fixed date. The explanation he gave to Aurora’s leadership was that he was unable to join Aurora due to “passport issues” due to a congenial name and the US Embassy withheld his document for investigation reasons.

A few days after the start of the Bolivian championship, coach Viviani indicated that he “will not take it into account” because he did not join the team work, leaving uncertainty about the forward’s future.

Aurora’s leadership explained that Rivera is “a player who makes the difference,” and in addition to the other reinforcements that came to the team, “Celeste will face an attack that frightens him.”

The People’s Team started the Professional Championship with a loss (0-8) against Royal Bari and a draw (1-1) against Real Potosi.

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