Roblox: Users have reported a drop in services for several hours

Online video game Roblox has suffered a decline, affecting thousands of users (Image: Europa Press)

video game Roblox suffered a Drop on its platform on October 29, affecting thousands of users who initially experienced a lag (delay) until their accounts could not be accessed, causing uncertainty and inconvenience around the world.

“We know you are having trouble using Roblox at the moment. We are sorry and we are working hard to get everything back to normal,” the platform stated.

The message was released in the morning, however, and the Roblox team’s work didn’t come to fruition, as they released another statement seven hours later apologizing for the errors, and ensuring they can continue to make progress in restoring the platform.

“We continue to advance today’s cut. We will continue to update you. Once again, we apologize for the delay.”

A simple avatar by default when a user creates an account (Image: Roblox Blog)
A simple avatar by default when a user creates an account (Image: Roblox Blog)

They’ve also made sure that the failures are not directly related to them, with an external component being the culprit preventing players from entering Roblox for several hours.

“We know that this outage was not related to any specific experience or partnership on the platform,” they added.

According to the site bottom detector, which specializes in recording crashes on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, said the bugs were in both consoles, computers and mobile devices.

The most frequently reported problems were: login (50%), on site (37%) and game (13%). The influences mentioned were at the international level.

Roblox failures (Image: screenshot)
Roblox failures (Image: screenshot)

Although it was down for seven hours, some users commented on social networks that they were unable to play in the 24 hour period.

“It’s been almost 24 hours without Roblox, I can’t stop shaking. I woke up today trying to log into Roblox, but the site was down, I had a big panic attack, but managed to calm down after a few hours. Couldn’t go to school today [sic]One player said.

According to some netizens, the game crashed because the servers were saturated with the Burrito con Chipotle special event (Burrito), which opened on the 28th and will be available until October 31.

Roblox reported site glitches (Image: screenshot)
Roblox reported site glitches (Image: screenshot)

Those who enter the event will be able to win a real-life burrito by visiting the virtual location of Chiplote, a TexMex food restaurant, for a code redeemable at a branch.

It should be noted that the game is one of the most popular games in the world It has officially registered more than 3 billion accounts It would not be surprising if the number did not continue to increase.

The title has been active for 20 years and mainly features as a platform where users can create their own games. It is a completely free tool that gives you access to all kinds of projects, including true geniuses like the one dedicated to ‘The Squid Game’, The popular Netflix series.

Roblox and the Squid (Photo: screenshot)
Roblox and the Squid (Photo: screenshot)

In fact, not too long ago, several Spanish-speaking content creators got together to play some games in this adaptation on Roblox and It managed to attract nearly a million viewers on TwitchWhich in turn made the game the most famous.

Undoubtedly, this will have a significant impact in increasing the number of existing accounts. But not everything remains in this, A great feature is that users can create their own stores using cosmetics and codes that others can purchase.

Seemingly endless for the success of Roblox, there is never a bad time to join the party as new games, items, and more are being created every day on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, iOS and Android. Available for free.

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