Rodrigo Hermosa aims to host the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020


A swimmer in history will receive the career classification that will allow him to compete in the World Swimming Championships, as he will seek to achieve his classification to the Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The World Paralympic Swimming Championships in Louisville 2021 is being held today in the United States and Paraguay is represented in the appointment with Para swimmer Rodrigo Hermosa, who traveled with Paraguay delegate Letitia Baez,

Swimmer participation is important given that he must achieve the International Job Ranking with the goal of Tokyo 2020.

The official competition days will start tomorrow, Wednesday, April 14th, and the Paraguayan representative for Paraguay swims will compete in the 50 m and 100 freestyle races.

Return to the water after a long pause

He demonstrated unwavering willpower and a steadfast goal of representing Paraguay in the best way in the competitions he should participate in. Rodrigo Hermosa had to adapt his training to the requirements of a new lifestyle, pause for a long time. Time your practices until you have a training protocol.

“Everything was very slow, we had several dates on the calendar, but with the epidemic everything stopped,” Rodrigo said by phone, adding that “it was difficult to resume, but thank God, the body has a memory and it has achieved. My optimal state.”

Paralympic committee athlete in Paraguay participated in various training camps developed in Tokyo, Japan, and Miami, United States.

The training and sport development process at Hermosa is guided and monitored by professionals from Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo, Japan, through an agreement signed between the National Sports Secretariat, Paraguay Paralympic Committee and the aforementioned university.

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