Samsung OLED screen and 4K in dock, according to Bloomberg


An improved version of the Nintendo Switch is back and now it is Bloomberg The person who mentions the main news. The Transfer indicates that The new console screen will be OLED Seven inches manufactured by Samsung.

An interesting detail is that decision Portable mode will not change and will remain at 720p. Samsung Display Co. It will begin mass production in early June, with the goal of having at least two million units per month.

New 4K Challenge for Developers

The outlet notes that the displays are scheduled to ship to the collectors in July. Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of DSCC Display Consulting, commented on this Using an OLED panel will help in consuming less batteryPlus, it delivers higher contrast and faster response time.

Another change will come with Putting your TV, making you jump to 4K graphics. The report notes that this could be another complaint of developers who must be working on a 720p version for laptops and 1080p for televisions, and they think if the move to 4K is real, the problem could be even bigger.

So far, Nintendo has not made any statement in this regard, remembering that in February, the company informed its investors that there were no plans to launch a new model of the Nintendo Switch.

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