Photographer takes a strange picture of the International Space Station as it passes in front of the moon (PHOTO)


The photo was taken while the astronauts were preparing for a spacewalks.

Space photographer Andrew McCarthy investigated Capture photo International Space Station (ISS) as it passes in front of the Copernicus Crater Colors, As the astronauts were preparing to perform an extrasolar activity (EVA, for its English acronym).

McCarthy was installed in Sacramento, California (USA), and used his telescope to capture the image, which he shared on Sunday, February 28 on social networks, where he commented on it at first glance The solar panels appear to be missing.

The photographer wrote: “This is because, despite being in a configuration that requires them to face the ground (also toward the sun), half of the panels are visible from the edge. Why is this happening?”

Then he indicated that the photo had been taken Preparation for EVA. “There is nothing to worry about! I have wonderful and rare Photo. About my favorite crater (Copernicus), nothing less. “

What’s more, Insisted on Which “instantly” became one of his “favorite” images not only to “capture a spacecraft from Earth”, but to enable me to see “clearly.” Reshaping the solar system Because of a mission that was broadcast live by NASA. “This is one of the rare moments when changes in the structure can be easily noticed from Earth due to a mission,” he concluded.

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