Samsung phones can now listen to podcasts on Samsung Free, first in the US


The Samsung Free news app, included in all mobile phones after the disappearance of Samsung Daily, has just received interesting news: Listen to podcasts without leaving the app. Through a new tab “Listen” (“Listen”) to other friends Samsung Galaxy Americans no longer need a dedicated podcast app.

Listening to podcasts on your mobile phone is so popular that most streaming apps have already incorporated it into their functionality. SpotifyAnd the Deezer… even Samsung has boosted its ecosystem by listening to podcasts So that users do not have to search for another app. That’s why he chose Samsung Free, the app that handles news reporting on the left side of the desks.

Samsung Free: News, Instant Apps, and Podcasts Now

Samsung Free has replaced the Samsung Daily app with the jump to One UI 3. This app works as a Discover Google: Offers a News Feed with personalized interest-based information. Additionally, it has other tabs; Like “Listen,” the new option to discover podcasts.

for reference Android PoliceSamsung Free has begun offering the “Listen” tab in its application, even though it is only in the US. Citizens of that country can Discover a selection of podcasts directly on your Samsung Galaxy device without searching for it. In addition to that, it is also possible to listen to these podcasts without leaving Samsung Free: just play them and it will stay in the background as if it were heard from a music app.

To listen to podcasts from Samsung Free, it is necessary You have an American brand mobile phone, you also need a Samsung account. Additionally, it is currently valid for a few high-end models: Samsung Galaxy S21And the Samsung Galaxy S20And the Samsung Galaxy S10And the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 s Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung is free

The content provided by Samsung Free is currently related to current affairs, humor, culture, events, and sports. The app will offer content based on the user’s chosen tastes, just as it does with news. And we don’t know if it will expand the service outside the United States: For the time being he will stay in that country.

Via | Android Police

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