So you can change the icon to Halloween


The WhatsApp It became the first app in Mexico Receive and send messages, photos, videos, documents and even fun stickers easily and quickly using the Internet.

However, since the developers are constantly updating the application interface to constantly add new functions and tools, there are many hidden secrets.

One of them, unknown to most of us, is the possibility of changing the normal WhatsApp icon that appears on our mobile phones to have a more pleasant one.

In this case, because we are approaching the festivities day of the dead And Halloween users can change the app icon to one that makes our cell phone in tune with the festivities.

Photo: Unsplash

How to change the WhatsApp icon for Halloween?

To change the usual WhatsApp icon to one of HalloweenThe first thing you should do is download the Nova Launcher app on your cell phone, which is available on Google Play and is free and safe.

Once the app is installed, you can open it and start configuring WhatsApp to your liking.

To change the icon, you will have to Google and download a PNG image of the Halloween-style WhatsApp icon.

Then you have to click on the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds until the “Edit” option appears so you can choose the new image.

When you save changes, you will automatically see that the icon has completely changed and its design will now look like a fun Halloween theme.

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