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If something was known MIUI It is because of the high level of customization. Through the Themes application we can modify almost any part of the Xiaomi interface, including also Customize the status bar.

Although we have already seen how Change startup animation or even Change the system fontToday we’ll see how Customize MIUI status bar Icons for battery, coverage, connections, etc. They look more striking.

And no, this is not difficult. Thanks to the Themes app, we can Customize the taskbar in the blink of an eyeAll in a simple way, allowing us to swap the pattern whenever we want.

How to customize the status bar of a Xiaomi device

With the purpose Customize the status bar From Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, we only have to download a theme that modifies this aspect if this happens (YellowAnd the 2077And the WenyCLMAnd the Freedom). Then we will only have to perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Themes app and go to your profile.
  2. Once in, we will only have to enter Theme Customization> Status Bar

From this last section We can choose the style or design that we prefer the most for the status bar From xiaomi we have. For this we must have previously downloaded a theme that modifies this section of the interface in case this happens.

Additionally, it should be noted that The status bar adjustment is independent from the rest of the interfaceIn other words, we can combine the icon pack for a specific theme with the status bar design for a completely different theme.

In addition to the topics we have discussed in these lines, if you enter the most downloaded themes section of the Xiaomi app You will find all kinds of designs that also allow you to change the look of the status bar. Even if you don’t like the interface in general, you can just take advantage of the ribbon design.

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