So you can discover hidden cameras in your cell phone


the hidden cameras A frequent complaint in hotels and accommodation sites that they come to use these devices from monitoring And when the guests discover them, they generate a lot of annoyance because they are threatening Privacy of people. from the public.

Faced with this problem, a group of researchers has made many efforts to take advantage of smart technology Thus reducing the inconvenience it can cause knowing that, in the place you paid for, they are watching you from Common things Like bottles or pictures.

Next in TechBit we tell you about a project designed to reveal hidden cameras through your cell – dungeon To avoid an unpleasant experience during your stay or any other place you are visiting.

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ToF and LiDAR sensors for your cell phone camera

A group of researchers from National University of Singapore is developing Request which will be useful for Precise camera detection From to spyMany of them are hidden in everyday objects.

The initiative arose from complaints about the use of Surveillance Cameras With the passage of time and technological progress, it has become difficult to detect devices for the human eye. So, the app Los Angeles Police Laser assisted imaging discovery will be a tool at your fingertips.

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According to application researchers Los Angeles Police will work with ToF . sense (flight time) y lidar (Light and range detection) built into the cameras cell phone Smartphones, both Android and Apple.

They explained that although there are already tools that work over WiFi, they only detect the location of hidden cameras, but the app trick they suggest is in reactions.

What happens is that ToF . sense emits laser signals that can detect reflections from hidden camera lenses; while the lidar Enhance their effectiveness by combining distance, depth, and intensity variables with computer vision and machine learning to find these monitoring devices.

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Reveal the hidden cameras of your iPhone

According to the researchers, reliability of detection system hidden cameras Of the LAPD project 88.9%, compared to 16.7% of false positives from the tests. Unlike other professional hidden camera detectors that get 62.3% reliability and 26.9% false positives.

If you are a user An appleYou should know that the cameras of the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Pro 2020, and iPad Pro 2021 already have it. LiDAR sensors Integrated from the factory, allowing automatic detection of hidden cameras without the need for an application.

An apple Hope this sensor detection will be used soon lidar To develop an app that the rest of your brand devices can download from the App Store and use.

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Although some devices Android Since the Galaxy S20 Ultra or Huawei P30 Pro both have ToF sensors, the researchers at the National University of Singapore hope to launch the app soon and can be implemented on different devices.

Now you know that technique your cell phone camera, In addition to helping you take great pictures, it can save you from a situation to spy Without the need for advanced and professional equipment.

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