So you can have a group chat with your Facebook contacts


Instagram It already has an option that allows you to create group chats with your friends using an account in Facebook social networking site And messenger, without having to change the application.

In the same way you will also serve so that from Facebook social networking site You can only talk to contacts that you have registered on Instagram. This function allows you to link your accounts and even your messaging services like Messenger.

It was until this year, that Facebook social networking site It started integrating Messenger with Instagram to be able to send messages between both apps. However, in the framework of this progress, there was a function that has not yet been added: the exchange of texts in group conversations. Although this new method is of course optional.

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An important thing to stress about this is that despite its ability to work in parallel, your Messenger and Instagram accounts will remain separate, without merging at any point. resolution Facebook social networking site It is about being able to have more variety to connect with your contacts.

In addition, another tool that you now have at your disposal is to conduct internal surveys with your chat groups from Instagram. This option was already available in Messenger.

What has been added to Messenger is the functionality of being able to set custom designs as a background image for a chat. In the same way, you can now notice that two or more people are typing at the same time.

Finally, the other feature that Instagram has taken from Messenger is the Watch Together feature, where you can share the videos you watch with your friends to watch them together at once and comment on them in real time.

You just have to start a conversation, invite your friends who are in other apps, and you can talk for hours. Another advantage is that the conversation can be reviewed from InstagramAnd Facebook and Messenger without problems.

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