Softball has arrived to take Barranquilla at the Pan American Games


Cali Junior Pan American games are only hours away. Next Thursday, November 25, various sports competitions will take place in the provincial capital of Valle del Cauca, an event that will feature the best young athletes on the continent.

But the Calinus family wouldn’t be the only ones who would be able to enjoy these duels firsthand. Barranquilla will also enjoy two disciplines of great importance in general, but above all, sympathies were historically born in the Caribbean vassals.

Baseball and softball are the mods that Barranquilla residents will be able to enjoy starting Friday, November 26, because the city is the official venue for this incredible event that will land on Colombian soil.

Ahead of the first softball hit, which will be on Saturday 27th of this month, the president of the World Federation of Latin America, Tommy Velazquez, who is already in town, spoke a little at a press conference about what the development would be. From this competition to be held at the Edgardo Schimmel Stadium.

The pandemic hit hard, and this is the first event we’ve been doing in two years. In Barranquilla this was the last event we did and now we are back again. We started organizing training workshops, and we didn’t stop, we always talked about getting back on the field of play. The leader said Covid is for life, so whenever we do an event we talk about tests, masks, etc.”

“South American softball is excellent. Among the last countries in the world, we are now among the first. We will have the best three players in the world, which is unusual in almost any sport.”

Tournament format

In this tournament, which is in the women’s category, eight teams will participate, which will be divided into two groups, where they will face all against all, after which the Super Round will play and finally the Grand Final for the gold medal. , which will provide live space for the Pan American Games in Santiago 2023.

In Zone A will be the United States, the second best team in the world, Peru, the host country of the next World Cup, Argentina and Colombia. In Group B, Mexico will face the fourth best team on the planet, Puerto Rico, the fifth best team, Brazil and Venezuela.

Argentina and the United States, rivals Colombia, will open the tournament on Saturday, starting at 10 a.m. On the same day they will play against Puerto Rico against. Venezuela (1:00 p.m.), Mexico vs. Brazil (4:00 pm) and Colombia vs. Peru (7:00 pm).

Tickets will be available in the next few days to fans and prices will be around $7,000.

Colombia dreams of gold

Our country is not among the favorites to win the gold medal and retain the Junior Pan American Champion title, but it will fight to the end to enforce the home’s respect and Barranquilla’s support will be key to making that happen.

The Colombian players were the first team to reach the capital of the Atlántico department and are waiting for confirmation of a friendly match against Puerto Rico before the start of the official competition.

To be able to celebrate at home, the national team must be able to make a strong case against North Americans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, groups that, on paper, start out as the favorites to win the title. It won’t be an easy task, but with the “pressure” that currambera fans can put into it, it can happen.

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