State of Play – March 2022: A summary of everything that was presented at the event

State of Play – March 2022: A summary of everything that was presented at the event

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PlayStation is back in 2022 with its first game case, an event that has moderate expectations but which will certainly be pleasant surprises for users of the brand’s consoles. According to official information, this broadcast will focus on developments and releases by Japanese creators and publishers, although some games from other parts of the world may also have a presence.

As always, at LEVEL UP we keep you informed in real time of everything that is announced in the State of Play and here you will find a summary of the event. Remember that each ad will have its own link to the note where you will find more information about the video games that caught your eye.

Without further ado, we welcome you to our March 2022 State of Play summary:

Capcom surprises with exoprimal

Dinosaurs, a futuristic theme and an alien thing? No, it’s not about coming back Dino Crisis 3And the but who exoprimala new IP from the Japanese company, according to its first preview, is an action-packed shooter in which we will fight, among other enemies, units full of dinosaurs.

According to the official information, exoprimal Coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2023, yes, PS4 still has a tether and will continue into next year.

Ghost Wire: Tokyo ready for the first time

maybe, Ghost Wire: Tokyo It will be the last Bethesda-related video game to be launched on PlayStation, but there is no doubt that this will be a top-notch farewell game and everything indicates that it will be. During the state of play today We’ve seen the launch trailer for this title created by Tango Gameworksa study led by Shinji Mikami.

Pre-launch preview of Ghost Wire: TokyoIt shows part of the gameplay and experience that we will get in this future version of Tokyo, where people are starting to disappear. Tension, suspense and some horror await patiently next March 25th, the day you can play it on PS5.

take a look at Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy with your bid

The state of play led us to learn more about it Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasy, a title from Team Ninja that focuses on combat and with role-playing elements typical of the Square Enix historical franchise. Nobody doubts what Team Ninja can do, but what about the popular RPG? You can find out today with the beta launch of Stranger’s Paradise: The Origin of Final Fantasywhich will be available today on PlayStation and Xbox.

sincere But here we have a new trailer

We know that if you wait for the release sincere You may be sad about being late, however, the game is still on its way to debut this year and Square Enix helped us beat the bitter pill New trailer revealed with gameplay This takes into account the state of the project’s development, and as its creators Luminous Productions pointed out, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning a few details.

check the work Gundam evolutionFree game coming this year

Mechas, shooter, strategy and the best free game! This is a suggestion Gundam evolutionthe 6V6 shooter game that will debut this year on PS4 and PS5 and has had a moment in today’s playable state.

During the PlayStation event, Bandai Namco Online presented a new trailer for Gundam evolution And the online multiplayer proposal that will be available on PlayStation consoles this year. Depending on the essence of the franchise, there will be customization options for your mecha, plus each one will have their own special abilities to exploit on the battlefield. The best thing is that a test will be done soon to measure the response of your online environment.

pure with notalgia TMNT: Cowabunga Group

The Ninja Turtles They are still valid and many old school players will remember their first installments in the world of video games. Now that nostalgia is being looked at by companies to bring back those classics, Konami has done the same with revelation TMNT: Cowabunga Group.

TMNT: Cowabunga Group It will debut this year and consists of a selection of classic games from Ninja Turtles It debuted on Arcade, NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis, and Game Boy, so if you’ve lived through that period or want to know about it, it’s worth getting excited.

Prepare those situations JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

State of Play event for anime-inspired video games this time it was a turn JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R, a fighting game that will feature more than 50 characters from the series and its different narrative arcs. This fan-service-packed title will arrive this fall.

Here is the trailer for the Appeal story Journey to my day

Work with feelings of artistic expression of Akira Kurosawa? We entered it and that was one of the most attractive elements in Journey to my daya game developed by Flying Wild Hog that was in the State of Play today.

During the PlayStation event, we met the trailer for a history Journey to my daya game where we control Hiroki, a young warrior who must defend his people from the threats and darkness that surrounds everyone, which will lead him to fight in the world of the living, but also in the realm of the dead.

back Show your next update

The State of Play had room for one of PlayStation Studios’ new gems, back From Housemarque, and during the event wore a trailer for Boardingthe expansion that will be available from March 25 with new challenges, and greater difficulty, but this will also bring a co-op mode and a mode called Sisyphus Tower that will take us to the limit.

A new tactical RPG from Square Enix is ​​on the way

State of Play saved one surprise at the end of the action and now that tactical RPGs are experiencing a new period of popularity, the Japanese company knows it’s time to cash in. This is why the PlayStation event was the perfect showcase for Displays The DioField Chroniclea tactical RPG that promises a great story in the midst of a clash of factions.

Following the epic style of all Japanese RPGs, The DioField Chronicle It stands out as an identical work, but it will seek to contribute something to the genre by proposing a new tactical real-time combat system. This title will appear for the first time this year.

Valkyrie Elysiumother surprises from Square Enix

Today’s state of play is closed with the second surprise from Square Enix, Valkyrie Elysium, Action RPG that promises an epic story developed in beautiful places and will not deviate from the essence of the franchise. In this case, Valkyrie Elysium He will seek to devise a combat system through the groups that are part of the IP, but move it to a system of rhythm and speed.

If you are interested in Valkyrie ElysiumYou won’t have to wait long as the game is due to start this year.

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