Stray, the cyberpunk cat game, will be released on July 19th live on PS Plus

Stray, the cyberpunk cat game, will be released on July 19th live on PS Plus

as pointed out LeaksAnd the stray Will premiere day July 19. It is an adventure game that takes place in a city cyberpunkwith the particularity of it We control a cute cat Able to make friends with the robots that live on its streets. This release date was announced today during Sony’s State of the Game which you can read its synopsis in Spanish over here; That’s why at first it was only confirmed that he’s debuting PS5 s PS4although as is common in these cases, it was later confirmed that it would be available the same day. computer Across steam.

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and Edited by Annapurna InteractiveIn Stray we will explore a city in the skin of this feline protagonist, making use of his skills Climbing, sneaking and some actions Thanks to a collaboration with B12, a drone the cat befriends during his adventure. Below you can see a new trailer From the game captured on PS5:

Be free at launch for PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers

What the leaks failed to guess is that this long-awaited title that We’ve known this since the middle of 2020And the Coming directly to PS Plus. Sony subscription service renewal (which will arrive in Spain on June 23Includes a new feature for plan users Extra and Premium: Access to the catalog of games resulting from the integration of PS Now features. At the time, it was said that the new PS Plus wouldn’t have previews for anyone, but apparently Exclusively referring to the triple A in PlayStation Studios. That’s right, this feature Not available to PS Plus Essential subscriberswhich is the lowest score of the new three class And more similar to the PlayStation Plus we have now.

stray It will be released on July 19 for PS5, PS4, and PC. Under these lines you can see a file Gallery with new photos.

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