Talk to Daniela Lopez Guajardo, the narrator of Liga MX Femenil, about sports and women in Mexico

Daniela López Guajardo was recently appointed by FOX Deportes to be the net narrator for Liga MX Femenil matches, especially for Rayadas, Xolos Femenil and Santos Femenil matches. López Guajardo got his start with that series to broadcast Santos de Torreón for the Liga MX men’s league and also for other programmes.

Lopez Guajardo first appeared as a narrator a few weeks ago and is one of the few narrators present in Mexico and the United States.

“It was like something there was a job pending. Speaking of her appointment as narrator, after being a women’s football analyst, Lopez Guajardo said, ‘If they give it to me one day, yes I will accept it.’” I didn’t think twice and said yes.”

Lopez Guajardo said she was initially pressured by her new role on FOX Deportes, but with the help of her colleagues, she’s starting to feel more comfortable and relaxed.

“The Women’s League gave this opportunity to all women,” said Lopez Guajardo. “The fact that you showed your talent on the field, as a player, as a technical director, as an assistant, as an assistant, as doctors, you opened a very important field for all women in this football environment, which you know is dominated by men.”

In our conversation, López Guajardo spoke about the support that Liga MX Femenil needs, as well as the Mexican women’s team, which recently failed in the Olympics and World Cup qualifiers. The narrator also said that she felt proud and motivated to be a role model for many young women who want to enter the media and be pioneers in football narratives in the media.

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