Tesla’s latest update will finally be integrated into Steam

Tesla’s latest update will finally be integrated into Steam

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Long overdue but a reality: Steam will arrive finally a cars Tesla as a result of the recent “Christmas update”.

This past February, Tesla CEO Elon Musk Already warned that their engineers were working on Steam integration inside their car operating system. Musk explained himself today That this feature was already ready and that it will arrive a the last Tesla Model S and Model X. Of course, as long as you pay for the premium connection and package.

The company has added and merged a handful of of video games in the fleet of vehiclesHow cupheadAnd the pubg mobile also emergency shelterbut the Steam listing opens up a huge catalog It’s a nickname for all those who have a Tesla. Thanks to this new update,It will also be possible to connect any control bluetooth to the car also We can even play With mouse and keyboard if we prefer.

The Musk himself He also showed his chest on his Twitter account The system is compatible with saving to the Steam cloud, so you can resume a game you played in the car from home and vice versa. Additionally, Steam can be accessed from the infotainment system in the front or from the secondary screens in the back..

Along with this update has come also a group of Interesting newsLike the possibility of activating a file “Dog mode” that regulates the temperature inside the car a function for See what’s going on in the car Through the camera above the rearview mirror, support for Play Apple Music Infotainment system or the ability to make Zoom calls from the car.

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