News that you can now enjoy on your Apple computer

News that you can now enjoy on your Apple computer

Along with iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2, Apple has officially launched the new version of macOS Ventura, specifically 13.1 which comes with various new features that are sure to be really useful for many users. If you want to know everything that is new on Mac then keep reading that in this post we will tell you about it.

New in macOS Ventura 13.1

Apple has released updates for all of its devices and PCs will be no exception. As we will comment a few lines below, Macs are not given to receive major updates with many new features, but it is true that in this case there is one in particular that will be really useful for many users.

The novelty in question is free form, and if you already know what iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2 brought, you will know that FreeForm is the new functionality that comes in the form of an application that allows all users to work on a blank page that does not have the end, where you can add anything, be it a link, or Image, text, file, or whatever you like. But in addition to that, FreeForm is My full cooperationThis means that you will be able to work in the same space with other users simultaneously, and have the changes each of them make updated in real time. Undoubtedly, it is a very interesting function for both students and users who want to use it in business meetings or the like as each member can contribute their vision or work.

In addition to FreeForm with macOS Ventura 13.1 also comes Released iCloud Advanced Data Protection, which increases the total number of categories of iCloud data protected with end-to-end encryption, now to a total of 23. of between it iCloud Backups, Notes, and Photos, so all users will have more security thanks to this great update. In addition, as usual, with this new version, there are also various improvements and bug fixes that will allow users to enjoy a better experience when using their Apple computers.

Why don’t Macs have so many new features?

This is a question that many users ask themselves, especially since they see that Apple brings great improvements and new functions to iPhones and iPads mainly with iOS 16 And iPadOS 16, but for Macs not as many as many would like, which gives the impression of that Those from Cupertino may not spend much effort on their computers.

MacBook Air

Well, the reality is quite different, Apple continues to take great care of the operating system that all Macs have, i.e. macOS, however, since they are computers In the vast majority of cases, they are intended for professional useThe introduction of separator functions can have a very significant impact when the system is not working as it should, since users end up using these computers for work. This is why the Cupertino company’s main efforts are there Provide a stable and secure systemand around it to include the small news that makes it more complete.

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