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The Senior Vice President of Operations and Communications at Combat Global said the US franchise is looking for talent from Ecuador.

Combate Global, formerly Combate Americas, announced days ago details of the largest annual mixed martial arts (MMA) event, the Combate Cup, which will take place in Miami, Florida on Sunday, and consists of one night, consisting of eight Men, its cost is 100 thousand dollars. December 12, which will be broadcast live in the United States Univision And TUDN USA, and in Mexico TUDN MX.

Combate Cup start times will be announced on partner media platforms shortly.

“Since we launched Copa Combate in 2017, it has become the most prominent place to represent your country in the sport’s most challenging type of tournament, and this year’s wrestling arena looks to be the most competitive and exciting yet.” Combate Global CEO Campbell McLaren said.

The one-night tournament will be held in the bantamweight division (135 pounds) and will feature current world wrestling champion David. black spartan Martinez (6-1), who will represent his native Mexico.

He will be joined by Martinez on the Tournament Stadium by Kevin Cordero (12-2) of Spain. Leo Muniz (6-1) from the United States. France Mlambo (10-5) from Ireland. Jose Zaros (22-8-1) from Peru. Christian Barraza (7-3), Chilean actor; Luciano Ramos (8-6) from Argentina. and Pierre Dagouzin (6-5) from France.

The matches in the Copa Combate Quarter-finals and matches in the semi-finals will consist of a five-minute round, and the Championship-stage match will consist of three five-minute rounds.

The tournament groups and matches for the quarter-final stage will be announced soon, as well as the four contestants and reserve matches for the tournament that will be held at this event.

Reserve matches will be used as a means of replacing any quarter-final winner who is unable to continue their participation in the tournament in the semi-final stage of the competition due to an injury sustained en route to winning the match. Quarter-finals.

Senior Vice President of Global Combat Operations and Communications Mike Avromowitz said the US franchise is “looking for the best new fighters around the world, including in Ecuador.”

“From what we’ve seen, it looks like there’s some real talent out there, so we’re watching for opportunities that might exist with talent in Ecuador,” Afrowitz added by email. (Dr)

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