The African army arrived in Donostia with great enthusiasm


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Athletes from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Eritrea strive to win the Zurich-San Sebastian Marathon on Sunday.

Karel Lopez

The African Navy is ready and expected to arrive in Donostia today. A large group of athletes from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Uganda and Kenya will compete on Sunday in the Zurich Marathon in San Sebastian. They want txapela.

Eritrean Kibrom Weldemicael, 34, is the star to follow. He has a personal time of 2:09:36, two seconds short of the event record held by Kenyan Timothy Sherigat since 2002. If time was respectful and rabbits acted… for him it would be his ninth marathon. And a young man like the Abyssinian Canadian Kennedy Darseh, 22, will be measured. 2h17:38 has a record and made his debut this year in Hamburg. Also starting will be Ethiopia’s Yohannes Degefa, who turns 28 with a time of 2:19:14.

the exams

  • 10 kilometers

  • Table
    Departure at 8.35 am on the Avenida de Madrid and arrival at the small stadium.

  • Test:
    It’s a Euskadid and 10K tournament, as well as a date for famous people.

  • marathon

  • Table
    Departure at 9 am on Avenida de Madrid. Two courses of a flat track and access to the mini-stadium.

  • Test
    In addition to the international event, the Gipuzkoa Championship is held.

The rabbits, Dutch Muhammad Ali and Ugandan Martin Musao, will also have a vital role, as will debut performances by Daniel Kipchoma (Kenya; 59:06 in the half marathon) and Yorgalm Bereka (Ethiopia; 59 able to deliver): 04 in the middle.

This is for the elite race of men. In the feminine, Ethiopia has ease. There will be two women who will fight beforehand for victory. They are Messeret Jabri (28 years old) and Zina Senpeta (23 years old). The first uses a personal time of 2:33:29, while the second uses a personal time of 2:34:32. A beautiful fight is expected. They will be assisted by their compatriot Abebe Adisu.

The event, in addition to being international, will feature 26 participants in the men’s marathon championships in Gibuzcoa and ten in the women’s championships, highlighting Mighty Ariza, winner of the 15K Classic Jump in October. This will be from 9:00 am on a flat two-circle road that starts at Avenida de Madrid and reaches Miniestadio de Anoeta. The number of participants is expected to exceed 1,600.

Before that, from 8.35 a.m., the 10K test will take place, with about a thousand registered. In this case, it would be the Basque Country 10K Championship. Elena Silvestre, the new No. 2 brand in Behobia-San Sebastián, was expected to participate, but ultimately she won’t start. The person who will be there, for example, will be veteran Kamel Ziani or regulars on the field John Zabaleta, as well as Arate Rodriguez.

The numbers to follow

  • Men’s

  • 1
    Kiprom Wildmichael (Eritrea)

  • 2
    Kennedy Derseh (Ethiopia)

  • 3
    Yohanesi Degefa (Ethiopia)

  • 4
    Daniel Kipchoma (Kenya)

  • 5
    Yirgalim Bereka (Ethiopia)

  • Women

  • 11
    Meseret Gebre (Ethiopia)

  • 12
    Zeina Senbeta (Ethiopia)

In the 10K race, 31.8% of the participants will be women, and 10% in the long-distance race. In Maratoi Txiki from tomorrow afternoon at the Mini-Stadium, 46.5% of girls are 53.5% of boys.

There are approximately 500 registered Jebuzkoa, 170 Biscay, 150 Navarre…The only thing missing is the Canaries’ representation of all the Autonomous Communities to participate in the party. By countries, it is indicated that 339 athletes arrived from France.

running breakfast

One of the parallel activities this year is the Gosaria Run, which will take place tomorrow from 9:30 am with departure at Alderdi Eder. Recordings for participating in this warm-up before the big day – about six kilometers long – are open at Participation is free and is a good way to finish preparing for the marathon. Also during the whole day tomorrow (from 10 am to 8 pm) numbers can be collected in the Reale Arena.

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