The IOC calls for wider support and shares its “concerns” about the biennial World Cup


MADRID, October 16 (European press) –

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Saturday asked the world soccer’s governing body FIFA for broader support to celebrate the biennial soccer World Cup and shared “interests” arising from other sports or even with women’s soccer itself, which would be at a disadvantage every four years. .

“The IOC Executive Board takes note of FIFA’s plans to change the football match schedule and host the World Cup every two years. Many other international federations, national football associations, clubs, players, federations and coaches have expressed strong reservations and concerns about plans to generate more income,” says the International Olympic Committee, which lists these concerns after their meeting on Saturday in Athens.

“Increasing the pace and timing of the World Cup would create a clash with other major international sports. This includes tennis, cycling, golf, gymnastics, swimming, athletics, Formula 1 and many other sports. This would undermine the diversity and development of other sports in addition to football.”

In addition, the highest Olympic body ensures that “the increase in men’s events on the calendar will create challenges for the further promotion of women’s football” and that “doubling the pace of the World Cup will create enormous additional pressures on the physical health of the players.” My mind “.

“The IOC shares these concerns and supports calls from football stakeholders, international sports federations and major event organizers for broader consultations, including with athlete representatives, which clearly have not occurred,” she says.

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