The all-new iPad mini is coming this year


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The iPad mini, Apple’s smallest tablet, hasn’t changed much since its first generation arrived nearly a decade ago in 2012. And while its hardware has changed with each new model, its design has remained nearly identical. It will change this year.

new model from iPad mini With a completely new design for the font that will arrive at the end of 2021 according to information published by the inexhaustible source of leaks Apple, Mark Gorman de Bloomberg. This model will finally rule out the use of a home or home button, with thinner frames and a screen that covers most filesOr part of the front, which translates to an increase in screen size from the current 7.9 inches to about 8.5 or 9 inches.

Basically, it will be a design similar to that of the iPad Air 2020, but in a reduced version, which means that the fingerprint sensor on the home button can be replaced with the Touch ID sensor on the side power button. Of course, changing the design of this new iPad mini, the sixth generation of Apple tablets, will have better performance thanks to its new hardware, and perhaps even an LED display similar to the one we see in the iPad Pro. All these leaks, we will encounter a very interesting model of IPAD Which wouldn’t be attractive just because it’s a smaller size option (much less powerfule) between Apple tablets. And talk about design changes tooApple . is expected stop including plateTouch Bar on MacBook in the future. [via[vía[عبر[víaBloomberg / Mac rumors]

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