The crowning of Breath of The Wild for Nintendo E3. This will be the next seller of the Switch console [E3 2021]


The new adventure The princess and hero of Hyrule were introduced. sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild It has crowned its own merits as a Switch highlight for E3 2021. In fairness, though, its comeback has been haunting us since the June Nintendo Direct was set in date and time.

Take advantage of context 35th Anniversary of the EpicNintendo has shown a new trailer for the game that expands the story shown in Breath of the wild And in the process, you’ll rediscover Hyrule that has left us fascinated for hundreds of hours flying in the sky.

Without an official title, at least for now, the video has been shown to us New abilities by Hero Hyrule, Including the ability to pass through solids. Of course, what is most noticeable is that much of the gameplay offered takes place in the sky. Something to remind us of Sword toward the sky.

A fresh look at Hyrule that we loved

In addition to the game trailer, Nintendo has shown New batch of catches From the same thing that began to shed some light on the adventure, including alien force Which will come out of Link’s right arm and new stone enemies. Some size of buildings.

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreathofthewild 06

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreath Baby 11

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreathofthewild 09

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreath Baby 10

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreathofthewild 08

Of course, the huge open world of the game will remain in that wonderful place that will fascinate us from the first bars. An enormous place in mysterious circumstances It was full of floating islands.

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreathofthewild 07 1

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreath Baby 12 1

Nswitch Thesequeltothelegendofzeldabreath Baby 13

15- chant

14- chant

On the release date, Nintendo was obscure. The sequel will arrive in 2022. However, this year wouldn’t be without our share of the legend of zelda: On July 16th we will test the origin of epic worship through من Skyward Sword HD, The Improved re-release From the classic Wii. And beware, she will be accompanied by her own game of Joy Cons and a new amiibo just awesome.

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